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Delivery Program - Full Catalog in FR or UK 

SERNIS - LED IP68 for Safety Road Studs - Exclusive Distributor in Belgium:
Thanks to its high mechanical resistance (load charge up to 135to), its resistance to snowplow trucks load and to water penetration (IP68), the SR45 - SR48 and SR70 LED Light of SERNIS (Port.) are increasingly installed to secure our belgian roads and roundabouts for numerous of SPW and ORES installations (FRUK ). Recent Innovation of SERNIS is the Induction Magnetic (FR - UK) to make easy Plug & Light installation. We have also developped useful accessories to ease its installation on concrete basis and to connect to the electrical source. Aclimex has been appointed by SERNIS (Portugal) as its exclusive distributor for LED Road Studs in Belgium.

Outdoor PUBLIC LIGHTING Sector : overview in FR - UK

Thanks to its specific position between the final End-Users (Public sector) and their sub-contractors (installers, urban architects, ...), Aclimex has succeeded to develop a range of cost-effective CE certified products that are well intended to the Outdoor Lighting for Public sector ( Catalog in FRUK). Main item of interest are :

  • Steel poles and accessories (doors, screws, ... ) (FR - UK
  • Safety bollard - Road Led Studs (FR - UK
  • Inground / Underwater LED Spots IP68 as per Induction Magnetic (FR - UK).   

ORES Certification: OSP and NON OSP LED Safety Solutions for Belgian Cities
- LUM2015-267 (OSP) : SR45 (Uni-directionnal) - SR48 (bi-directionnal) - SR70 (view at 360°)
- LUM2018-329 (Non OSP) : very cost effective LED solution for typical yellow lighting safety bollards in Belgium

Steel Poles & High Masts - Made in China with CE Marking - compliance to EN 40 and EN1090

Early in Jan 2017, Eternal Sun has attained the CE certification EN1090 Class 2 which is mostly intended to our High Masts and Columns for Power Supply / Utilities / Telecom sectors.

As from March 2012, the production of the lighting columns and masts of Eternal Sun (Shanghai) is already CE certified , i.e. compliant to the EN 40:5:2002: this leads to develop very cost effective and direct sales with local Installers. These certifications are the result of continuous improvement program that the company has set-up since months in order to meet the most demanding quality standards: this is quite unique that an independant oversea's company can fulfil all the prescribed requirements of the EN 40 and EN 1090 

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LED Lighting with Magnetic Induction: a totally safe lighting technology, even under water conditions (no metal contact).

Thanks its patented technology using Magnetic Induction for LED, Colin Light (Shanghai) is offering outstanding cost effective LED IP68 Solutions (FR - UK) for the most demanding applications, thanks to its Plastic Connection . More than a product, we provide totally safe solutions in various format for all type of In-Ground spots, road markup, outside public lighting, under water spots. This technology allows to connect directly the LED to 220V, without separted drivers, without risk of electroshock, even if used into water / humidity conditions ( IP67 to IP68).

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