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Portugal : Thanks to its specifity for Safety Bollard LED Solutions dedicated to the Belgian Market, Aclimex has been appointed by SERNIS (Portugal) as its exclusive distributor for LED Road Studs which are perfectly intended to secure the Belgian roads which request robust technology (resistance to snow plow, salt, heavy truck load) as well as intelligent communication system for traffic management .

  The AWEX is the Belgian public entity that promotes export of the Belgian companies located in Wallonia. For small companies (less than 10 people) , the Awex is offering access to a selection of qualified experts in commercial strategy, e-commerce, web site, marketing, … Being accredited by the AWEX as Expert Market International  EMI ( ex ESE) that participates to their International Market Expertise Program, Aclimex is giving support (1 to 3 days) to selected small companies to set-up or improve their export plan. This support is fully taken in charge by the Awex. 

China:  Eternal Sun is a steel Pole & Mast  manufacturer (Shanghai) looking to penetrate the EU market with its strict public lighting Norms and regulations: Eternal Sun has invested into the CE Marking / EN 40 certification making their steel poles and masts very attractive for the benefit of urban lighting and electrical power distribution sectors (see Download). Aclimex is appointed as their exclusive Agent in Europe and North Africa.

China : Colin Light is innovative LED lighting manufacturer who has patented LED IP68 solutions powered by Induction Magnetic from 1W up to 2000W: this patented technology leads to cost effective solutions that do not need LED drivers. Colin has created totally safe products (IP 68 – no risk of electroshock) well intended for the most demanding applications for all professionals in Private and Public lighting sectors (in-ground spots, under water lighting, road markup,…). Induction Magnetic applied on LED is revolutionary with outstanding performance: Aclimex being appointed as exclusive Agent of Colin gives you the opportunity to access directly to the manufacturer and its R&D who can tune solutions according to your specific requirements.

: Tomsteel is a steel trader acting as the belgian office of Duferco Thionville (Fr) (ex-Safef) for the sales of all type of overrolling, 2nd Choice, … steel products. In view of its high potential growth,  Tomsteel is looking to strengthen its market penetration in western and southern Europe. Aclimex is part of their Commercial team.

USA: Jupiter Aluminum Corporation (USA) is a fully integrated aluminum mill that provides mill finish and painted aluminum coils which are 100% scrap based material.  Jupiter Aluminum products are particularly well intended for Sustainable projects, mostly for the Building and Construction sector. Aclimex Belgium is in charge to evaluate the opportunity to organize direct import of their 3000 series aluminum cold rolled mill finish and painted products.

:  Sinochem is a dominant chinese state-owned group acting as the worldwide trader of a large range of chemicals including phosphates . Overseas activities necessitate specific commercial steps compliant with strict chemical regulations. Aclimex is looking to set-up the adequate Import structure in Europe for a selection of their chemicals such as Phosphorous Trichloride PCL3 and Phosphorous Oxychloride POCL3.

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